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We are a subsidiary of JG Group, a Polish company present on the market for almost 20 years. Our scope of activities in the industrial sector is very wide, and the JG M.A.T. branch deals with the production of energy-saving oil and coolant filtration systems, as well as intware24 vending machines.


JG Group – comprehensive tool solutions in the industrial industry

We produce special tools, as well as a series of catalog cutting tools of our own design. This includes: VHM milling cutters, turning knives and boring bars with vibration damping, or tools for the production of gears using the revolutionary Power Skiving method. We have developed our own clamping systems from scratch – 5-axis HUMM CLAMP vices and lightweight HUMM MULTI clamping strips (all catalog products available on the JG Precision Tools website). We supply the market with forming tools, including stamping dies, progressive machines and injection molds. We have machines for thermo-chemical treatment and PVD coatings, thanks to which we carry out all production processes without intermediaries.



JG M.A.T. company as part of the JG group, it specializes in oil and coolant filtration systems, vending machines and sheet metal laser cutting services.

As a manufacturer of coolant filtration systems, we have successfully completed several projects for Polish companies. Our tanks are characterized by simple and reliable operation, without unnecessary and expensive electronics, increasing the failure rate of the entire system. We produce energy-saving and ecological tanks. An example of such an implementation is our filtration system for a total of 23 ANCA machines. It operates with a capacity of 2,500 l/min with an average energy consumption per machine not exceeding 1.35 kWh.

Our offer also includes multifunctional vending machines from intware24. These are solutions that are used in many sectors of the economy, not only in the tool industry. We have combined the usability of vending machines with IT systems, as well as additional equipment according to the individual needs of each company.


We won Anca Tool Of The Year three times

Many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry allow us to successfully build the position of one of the leaders on the Polish market. Our mission is to inspire the world of technology to change by providing tools and engineering solutions that facilitate work and production processes. Let these words be confirmed by our three-time victory in the international ANCA Tool Of The Year competition.

The winner’s status among world-class tool gridding companies makes us even more recognizable on the market. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to enter new global markets. It was also an amazing opportunity to present our capabilities to a wider audience around the world and an undeniable proof of the skills of our employees.

Robert Bielak

Project Manager

Telefon: +48 88 420 83 59

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Please contact me. I will be happy to tell you exactly what we do, how we work and who is behind it all. If you are interested in cooperation with JG M.A.T. I will advise you in selecting the appropriate coolant filtration system or other services of our company.

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